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Global Guardian Project

This amazing resource teaches families about the ocean and how we can help protect the ocean.  Access includes a series of videos about how children can make a difference and how they can help specific ocean life.  To access lessons and videos, use the following login information:


password: shiningstarsrocks

Click to access Global Guardian Project


Oceans of the World Video

Produced by Clarendon Learning: Learn all about the 5 Oceans of the World in this video designed for kids and elementary students. We walk through the geographic locations for each ocean and share some unique facts about each area.

Click to view the Oceans of the World Video


Octothief Video

Catch a crab-snatching Octopus red-handed in this engaging video by National Geographic Kids!

Click to view the Octothief Video

Octopus Camouflage Video

Ever wish you could change shape and color?  Watch a cyanea octopus camouflage and mimic its surroundings while hunting in this engaging video by National Geographic Kids!

Click to view the Camouflage Octopus Video

bioluminescent waves.jpg

Bioluminescent Waves

Right now there are rare bioluminescent waves off of the coast of Huntington Beach in California.  Check them out in this amazing video!

Click to view the Bioluminescent Waves


Movies about the Ocean

  1. Oceans – a Disney Nature documentary movie on the oceans

  2. Happy Feet – cool music and eco-friendly message with Antartica’s toe-tapping penguins

  3. Dolphin Tale – on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin

  4. Nim’s Island – a girl and her ocean friends on a tropical island

  5. Free Willy: Escape From Pirate’s Cove – a girl helps a baby orca return to her pod

  6. Finding Nemo – because we all love Nemo

  7. Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina – documentary series co-produced by PBS

Ocean Printables

Missed out on the chance for the shark or ocean printables?  Click the button below to download and print a Shark Memory Game, Shark Information Cards, or Ocean Memory Game.​

Click for Shark Information Cards

Click for Shark Picture Cards

Click for Ocean Animals Cards

Click for Marine Biology Printables

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