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Happy Preschoolers, Happy Families

Here's what our parents have to say...


"Our experience at Shining Stars was such a great intro to

school as Elliott made new friends and had a very safe and fun 

learning environment!"

-Nicole Jacoby, Shining Stars parent


"Each child knew you loved them…You were also so great about

holiday performances. I didn't expect that in preschool."

-Nora Petersen, Shining Stars parent


"Shining Stars is the BEST. Miss Sam truly loves all the kids and

it shows! You will never have a better preschool experience


-Noelle Merrill, Shining Stars parent


"Miss Sam is amazing! She really makes each child feel special

and unique. She really knows how to get a child to find their

potential. These basic skills she has taught my daughter have lead her on the path to reading! I really can't recommend her enough. The preschool has really prepped her for kindergarten. My daughter is confident and ready for her next step in her education. I'm so happy I found Shining Stars Academy Preschool."

-KSL Business Review


We couldn't ask for a better teacher than Miss Sam. My daughter could NOT wait for preschool each day and always wanted to stay longer. Miss Sam really gets down on the children's level and they excel with her teaching. They learn the most amazing things. The children graduate Shining Stars totally prepared academically and socially for kindergarten. I have never met anyone like Miss Sam who truly loves EACH and EVERY child and puts her heart in to EVERYTHING she does for her preschoolers. Miss Sam has a definite GIFT for teaching children and I am so glad that this preschool is available. ALL of my children love her and I would NOT hesitate referring Miss Sam or Shining Stars Academy to anyone. :)

-KSL Business Review


"My 4 year old daughter has have the most amazing time with Mrs. Sam. We feel very fortunate to have find Shining Stars Academy with a great teacher always preoccupied to make her classes interesting for our children. I can't tell you how many times our daughter has come home telling me how amazing her time was in class, like the time they learned about butterfly s and how they saw the whole process from the beginning. Mrs. Sam couldn't have done a better job with her Academy and our daughter couldn't have a better mentor than her. The place is always neat and organized, the number of students is small enough that the classes are very personalized and the kids are always Happy to see Mrs. Sam. Thank you Mrs. Sam for all you do!!"

-KSL Business Review


"Before I took my son to Shining Stars Academy my son would scream and cry if I left him anywhere. It was hard not to have a break from him every once in a while. After I started taking him to Shining Stars Academy, not only his behavior improved with other children but I could leave him other places with out him screaming and crying for me. It was so nice. I love Shining Stars Academy. My son loves his teacher and I know she loves all of her students. Thanks Shining Stars Academy!"

-KSL Business Review


"Miss Sam is amazing! Everyday my son comes home with stories about school and what he has learned. One day he was in the other room receiting the Pledge of Alliegence. I could not have been more proud of my 3 year old! Since then he has been going 4 days a week and everyday I am amazed at the things he has learned. We are looking forward to next fall. And also to our 1 year old going to Miss Sams the following years!!"

-KSL Business Review


"Miss Sam is one of the most responsible and fun people that I could ever ask to teach my kids. She has an amazing way of getting on the child's level so that they know what she is referring to and it actually sticks in their minds. The kids always have a lot of fun and they look forward to when they can go back for more. She is extremely creative in her teaching skills and always coming up with new things for the kids to learn and new ways for them to learn. :)"

-KSL Business Review


"Miss Sam is the best teacher we could have asked for. She is fun, engaging, relates well with the kids and most importantly she loves each child she teaches. Miss Sam makes preschool an individual experience for each child. She knows their needs, she helps them learn to adapt to this new environment, she helps them make friends. She has a great curriculum and makes learning fun! Her smaller classes make it less intimidating for the kids and heps them have an easier time being social. I am so glad we found shining stars academy. My son is looking forward to school starting back up in the fall! I highly recommend Miss Sam to everyone I meet with preschool age kids!"

-KSL Business Review


"We found Sam's program on KSL. We'd been taking our daughter to the lab school at the U of U. When our family went over to take a look at Shining Stars, we were extremely pleased. Our then 3 year old daughter gravitated toward Sam, who made her comfortable and engaged her as we learned about her program. Our daughter spend a summer doing the specialty classes on a week day. By Fall, she was going 4 days a week. The education, social skills, creativity she developed at Sam's is unparalleled. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for Sam, she has taught our daughter so much and has become part of our extended family. If you are looking for a great place for learning in a compassionate, home environment, you've found your spot. We recommend Shining Stars 110%. Sam is the best!"

-KSL Business Review

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