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The Pursuit of Knowledge


​"The pursuit of knowledge is more valuable than its possession". Albert Einstein
At Shining Stars Academy, it is our goal to develop a lifelong love of learning
"When it’s done right, “education” is not an end goal in itself, but instead a means to a much greater end; that of knowledge applied to foster change. Education like this kindles a flame in the heart - one that is pursued out of love, not duty or obligation."
-Samuel Knight

The Spring of 2020 was one that will never be forgotten.  The world changed. America stopped - or much of it did. Teachers were pushed to do things they never dreamed possible and along with their students - rose to the occasion.  It was a terrible time, but as with most things, the terrible brings out the great.  As the weeks went on, and changed to months, I found myself contemplating the purpose of it all.  I can teach children to read.  I can teach them their alphabet and how to write.  I can teach them to be kind and I can teach them that they matter and they are loved.  After 25 years, it is second nature at this point.  Each child is different - yes - and thankfully that understanding is paramount.  But what if I could instill something much more important? 

This year we are pleased to continuingdebut our Pursuit of Knowledge    Program
Upon entering Shining Stars Academy Preschool, each child will present something he or she would like to learn this year.  These topics will be taught during large group discussions, in addition to the subjects we will be learning.

Then, each week, children and families will have the opportunity to present questions about the subject we are learning.  This will contribute to our lessons, and will have the following benefits:

1. Inspiration
When children take part in acquiring knowledge. they not only remember what is taught, but they are inspired to ask more and learn more. I have seen the immeasurable benefit of having children direct their learning.  It is truly a beautiful thing to watch.

2. Family contribution and discussions
As families take part in prompting questions, they are more prone to share in the learning process.  Children become excited to share what they have learned, which prompts further learning.

3. The Development of a Lifelong love of learning
As children's minds continue to be stimulated, especially in things that they are curious about, they discover that learning is empowering and enabling.  The answer to one question inspires another question, which inspires another and on and on.  Children are like sponges - they soak up any and all knowledge we provide them.  Children learn that there is an infinite amount of knowledge to be gained and they delight in acquiring all they can.

To participate in this program, each week parents write their child's question (with their name) on a card and place it in the Question Box.  

Children who take part in this program with regular questions will be distinguished at Graduation as a Pursuit of Knowledge Scholar    with a gold tassel to remind them to always pursue knowledge and love to learn.  

For additional questions about the Pursuit of Knowledge      program, please click on the following link:

"How beautiful it would be if ten, twenty, thirty years from now, a Shining Stars Student were to say, "I love learning"
-Miss Sam



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