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This week we are learning our five senses.  Just like yesterday, today we are going to learn about our sense of touch.  What do we touch things with? We can touch things with our hands, and even our feet!

Talk with kids and have them discuss things that are soft

things that are hard

things that are sharp

things that are rough

things that are smooth

things that are cold

things that are hot

*Have kids touch something in the room that is COLD

*Have kids touch something in the room that is HARD

*Have kids touch something in the room that is SOFT.

An animal that has a SUPER good sense of touch is the MOLE.  

Moles live underground, and therefore, because they don’t require the ability to see, they are blind. Because of this, moles have a really good sense of touch.  Moles actually use their sense of touch to find food.

What if we were blind and had to use our sense of touch to find food?

Let's try that!  Each child then takes a turn to come up by the teacher and (with their hands behind their back) feel to find a treat in the teacher's hand.  Use something like m&m's, marshmallows, or skittles. Make sure not to give Henry any dairy or gluten!

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